Buhaus Container Home Exterior Platinum
Buhaus Container Home Exterior Rustern
Buhaus Container Home Exterior Black
Buhaus Container Home Interior Light Oak
Buhaus Container Home Interior Warm Oak
Buhaus Container Home Interior Black Oak
Buhaus Container Home Interior With Table Murphy Bed Foldout
Buhaus Container Home Interior Murphy Bed Foldout Couch

Murphy Extension

The new wave of minimal living.

What is Buhaus?

Buhaus is a living unit designed to be used as a guest house, backyard office, or studio. It is made from a shipping container and outfitted to have all the best finishes. Think the intersection of luxury and utility.

You want extra space in your home; but you don't want the headache of construction and permitting. Conventional construction is time consuming, costly, and oftentimes unpredictable. We created Buhaus to be the perfect solution to add living or working  space to your property with minimal hassle, and quick results. Think 3-4 months.

Buhaus Platinum Design

The Process

Step One: Assessment

Give us a call and we'll see if Buhaus is the right fit for you and your property. 

Step Two: Order

 Choose your interior and exterior finishes, and we'll send your Buhaus to production.

Step Three: Permitting  & Site Planning

 While we're building your Buhaus, you get to work checking out your local city regulations for permitting and your site planning needs.

Step Four: Delivery

Once you're ready, we'll send your Buhaus to your site.  

Step Five: Installation 

You coordinate your septic, electrical, and site plans installation needs. When that's taken care of, your Buhaus will be delivered and the minimal hookups will have you using your unit right away! 



What is Buhaus used for?

Buhaus is used in various ways. The most popular ways are as guest houses, offices, and hotel rooms.

How do I order a Buhaus?

We will have online ordering set up soon. Until then, fill out the contact form and we will contact you about purchasing.

Do you offer financing for Buhaus?

We are working on financing options for our customers.

Can I customize my Buhaus? 

Buhaus is customizable with the pre-selected finishes only. You can view those finishes on the "Buhaus" page. 

How much does a Buhaus cost?

The Buhaus is an all-inclusive price of $96,000.00. This does not include shipping. 


Does a Buhaus require special permitting? 

The answer will vary depending on your location. Please look into your local city permitting regulations.