The buhom is created by using the original Buhaus units and adding a central "wet module" that includes plumbing for the kitchen and bathroom in a singular 10x10 container. We then create a 3 container layout that allows one to have two functioning courtyards for the ultimate inside-out use. The buhom compound is built for both "home" and "away" mode.

Away mode provides ultimate security and inclement weather protection by covering all windows and exposed glass with hinging panels. When you're back home, the hinging panels can be lifted to activate Home mode. When home, the hinging panels can be used as sun shades.

A new update for the buhom includes replacing the flat roofs with sloping roofs that provide higher vaulted ceilings with triangle transom windows at the ends, doubling as a great location for solar panels.

The buhom is perfect for remote locations such as deserts or forests.