About us

Based in Malibu, California we create luxurious, minimal spaces to live and work in. We push the limits and forge new frontiers so that you can live more simply. We are committed to the idea of marrying luxury and utility in everything we do to create a more beautiful and useful world.



 Nate Garnero Douglas Burdge, AIA Malibu Buhaus

Co-founders Nate Garnero & Douglas W. Burdge,  AIA 

Inspired by years of experience repurposing shipping containers as well as the Malibu residents’ structural needs during rebuilding after the devastating Woolsey Wildfire, Burdge and Garnero developed Buhaus. At 160 sq feet, Buhaus is comfortable, customizable and compact and is equipped with a bedroom and bathroom space. Deriving from the 20th century German architectural movement “bauhaus”, Buhaus is our model for Malibu. Buhaus structures are likewise characterized by linear and geometrical forms and feature savvy design, fire resistant materials, and off-grid capabilities.